Driving Courses


Freeway Driving

We love teaching students to drive on the freeways. The courses are certainly not just a drive down the road. They involve knowing the laws governing minimum speeds on a freeway, emergency stopping lane procedures, handling tail-gating, accident procedures on a freeway, changing lanes, on/off ramps and much more. You are welcome to bring a friend and share the driving costs.

Log Books

All defensive driving courses listed below are available to all drivers. Driving courses are conducted according to the needs and experience of each individual driver.  Bring a friend and share the fun learning things you have never done before.

Our courses are perfect for ‘P’ platers and learner drivers who have completed their driving assessment and are in the process of completing their Log Book hours.

We provide advanced defensive driving courses for learner drivers who have not yet passed their practical driving assessment but who want additional country driving experience. Our defensive driving courses travel over bitumen and gravel roads, major highways and winding hilly terrain.

Any time is a great time to book one of these driving courses and we certainly would encourage you to get on board if it’s raining and the roads are wet and slippery.

Course Routes

We travel to York, Northam, Moore River, Rockingham, Mandurah, Pinjarra and are flexible to accommodate requests.

Driving courses range in duration from 40 minutes to 2 and half hours and are priced accordingly. The purpose is to advance driver skills and road safety on our country roads.

Please call the office for further information on (08) 9520 0171.